Check Active Directory Latency With Powershell

For managing large scale Active directory environment more important part checking and understanding replication quality. In this condition i used repadmin command to check replication healthy. But this command not enough to understand exactly replication finished time. So i start to search internet and find script to check active directory latency with poweshell ( when i started this script i understood this script not handle large scale of dc environment. and it’s enter loop if replication will not finished.

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Remote Active Directory /Exchange Administration with Windows PowerShell

Windows Server automatically installs the Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell and Active Directory Administrative Center when you add the Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) or Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services (AD LDS) role. But if you like me you want to manage Active Directory from another computer at a remote location, and you can do so with the Active Directory Module and ADAC, as long as you are running Windows 7 on the remote computer.

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